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Mar1217 said:
tbone51 said:

Yeah for digital ratio I do agree it’s much higher within launch than long term. Ex of this is Smash. I’m mostly talking about the launch for the titles

as for the 2 titles it’s Fire Emblem and Astral Chain. I don’t have the source for that (someone could help?) on me but it was discussed on resetera going by sales/sell thru/shipments. 

that’s how we got estimates for smm2 (20%) and more

tbone51 said:

I think we actually got a estimate for some of them going by sell % no? Anyways thanks for posting goes and shows what vouchers do

After DX posts I'll take back what I said for the marginal influence of the vouchers. Although, I wonder if it'll be durable in time ... There's fact the info he got is refering to quarterly sales results so it's not the full picture of the total sales.

As for FE Three Houses and Astral Chain. Since the volume of copies sold isn't as enormous as others I think the possibility of it being over 30% is a good possibility.

If only Nintendo was more outright about these specific ratios instead of bundling them with all online purchases related stuff ...

Going by sell thru data we can tell. Astral specifically sold roughly 50k retail and shipment wasn’t more than 60k and for the quarter was about 105k (have to go back and see exact numbers)

I think smm2 and LoZ LA were literally at the end of the quarter so it’s fine for the full picture on those 2 titles