Think about it. Pretty much any other form of entertainment is much more accessible than gaming. Want to read a book? Buy one for 20 bucks or less, then read it. Want to watch a movie? Go to a theater, or use a streaming service (Netflix), or pop in a Blu-Ray, etc etc... Want to listen to music? Buy a song or album for $20-$30 (maybe cheaper), stream it online, download it onto your phone, etc etc...

But with video games, there are *much* more barriers. Want to play a video game? First, buy either a $300-$500 game console, or $1000 gaming PC. Then, let's pay EVEN MORE money for the games themselves! $60, Brilliant! Oh, the console you bought doesn't play every game you wanted to play? Well, time to buy ANOTHER console, amiright?! Oh, is your PC not powerful enough? Too bad! I know you could use the argument, "But you need a TV or monitor to watch movies, and you have to buy individual movies as well." Except... it's not NEARLY as expensive an investment as gaming! Not to mention, you need things like a TV or monitor for games as well (handhelds excluded), on top of all the other things I listed!

Another argument: "Gaming is more accessible than its ever been! Everyone plays games on their phones! My grandma still plays her Wii!" It's true that efforts to improve the accessibility of gaming have produced good results (Wii for non-gamers, Xbox Adaptive Controller, etc). Though, i'm more so talking about bigger, more serious, gaming experiences. To me, playing a mobile game is akin to watching a YouTube video on a phone. There are exceptions, but to me, it doesn't quite give the player/viewer the best impression of the medium as a whole.

I dunno, what do you guys think?