As the Title suggests, this engine is well optimised and runs like a dream on my PC.

I recently just brought the collectors edition of Doom Eternal (Including the DoomGuy's Helmet :D)

Going into this game I was expecting it to struggle on my PC at its Ultra settings @4k/60 and when applying the options from Medium Setting @1080p to Ultra @4k I was expecting the game to run around the 30fps mark, instead I was quite surprised that the game runs at a solid 60fps with barely any dips with VSync on.

This is coming straight from my own personal opinion however I notice Digital Foundry also did a piece on the game and they have nothing but praise for the engine as well.

My only issue is HDR, the moment I updated my Nvidia Driver to v442.74, the game constantly did a strobe light flashing affect where it forced me to turn off HDR on the PC. Which is a shame because I know the X1X and PRO can run the game with full HDR enabled without any issues.

Hopefully they fix this issue soon as I love using HDR.

PS: The game is awesome and is a must play regardless on your Gaming platform choice, it runs great on everything. 

Last edited by Azzanation - on 22 March 2020