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Back when I was a teen, I was very addicted to RPGs. My favorites were the SNES ones, like Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy, etc.

However, I had a very pleasant surprise when I played Breath of Fire II for the first time. I loved everything about that game. The characters, the plot, the world, the gameplay... It was so good that I became a fan of the series.

So, of course, I went to play the other games. BoF1 for SNES, Bof3 and 4 for PS1... I played a lot of BoF4 with my friend and he wasn't even a fan of turn-based RPGs. The only one I haven't played yet is BoF5 for PS2, but I have watched some gameplay of it.

Now, Capcom seems to have abandoned this series. I heard something about a BoF6, but it seems to be a mobile game.

I keep dreaming about a Breath of Fire game for next-gen consoles. The world of Breath of Fire is so beautiful that I bet it would look gorgeous in next-gen graphics.

Does someone else wants a new Breath of Fire?