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SpokenTruth said:
curl-6 said:

We were also told to expect 2 Directs in Feb,that didn't happen. 

It's hard to maintain patience when months and months pass with no significant announcements, and no major release dates to look forward to if you're not into Animal Crossing. I think people have a right to be worried and frustrated. This tendency they have to starve their fans of information is a horrible way to treating loyal paying customers.

1). The Feb rumor had 2 parts.  An Animal Crossing direct and a Spring/Summer retail direct.  We got the Animal Crossing direct.  So, yes, one did happen.

2). The new rumor also had 2 indie direct before Animal Crossing and a retail direct after Animal Crossing.   The Nindie Direct was spot on. 

What probably happened is the Feb retail direct got moved to March to either give Animal Crossing the limelight, add more titles or had to reschedule some Nintendo of America portions because of the virus.  Want another possible reason? Their fiscal year ends on March 31st.  What a great way to wrap up the fiscal year by holding a direct about all the games coming in the next fiscal year.

They are only starving you of a specific release date. You still know several of the games that are coming.  Do you honestly think they are waiting until 2022 to release them?  Of course you don't.  So ignore the pessimism and fantastical realities of a completely empty release schedule and consider more the whole picture.

But the AC direct in Feb didn't lead to a general one later, so the indie presentation this month similarly doesn't confirm a general one is coming next week.

I'd love to believe one is coming next week, but after months of constant disappointment, I can't bring myself to get my hopes up only to be crushed yet again.

And I actually would not be surprised if games like Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3, or BOTW2 don't come out til 2022 at this point, the first two feel like basically vaporware at this point and BOTW1 was supposed to be a 2015 game.

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