zero129 said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

I once put a list of free games together on another forum. It's in german, and divided into 3 posts (1st post is freeware, second one free-to-play and the last one fangames, special promotions, browsergames and indie devs who give their games away for free (or at least some of them)), and each one is sorted by genre; also links to sites with additional free games. Haven't updated it in a long while, but might be worth a look for all those interested:

Thats a pretty fine list. Maybe you should update it and make a thread here on VGC. Imo it would make a good thread for here if you kept it up to date etc.

Yeah, I thought about it already. Most of that is copy/paste anyway, so that could go rather quickly.

On the other hand, I'll have to test out all the links and prepare the whole thing in office first due to it's length and the shitty connection I have here (the service itself is fine, but the router is almost 20 years old. It doesn't even know WPA2 encryption, that's how old that thing is! We'd get a new router by changing the service to a more modern contract, but the owner is against that...), so it may take a while. It will come, but it may take a while.