sales2099 said:
Runa216 said:

Then why are you trying to make such a big deal out of it? My point was simply that this isn't Sony being reactionary - they always planned on releasing info around this time and the only reason Xbox got to it first was because Sony delayed. If anything, Microsoft was reacting to Sony's absence - if you wanna go that route of logic. Just saying, when you WANT to see something, it's not hard to twist the facts to suit your narrative. 

It’s ironic that you are twisting yourself. Sony delayed...Um ok? MS didn’t and went first. Sony announced a reveal event literally the day after MS showed theirs. That’s reactionary. Yes I get it Sony planned to do something around this time but you certainly can’t prove it was always going to be tomorrow.

MS went first, and Sony reacted. The didn’t scramble. Anything you say to the contrary is you trying to preserve some narrative you have. 

Sure, whatever you say. Keep telling yourself that and I'm going to excuse myself back to a reality that doesn't ignore what happened just a month or two ago. 

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