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sales2099 said:
Runa216 said:

I think Y'all forgot Sony planned on a late feb/early March announcement up until Corona became a big deal. There's no 'reactionary' actions here, aside from them maybe waiting to see what Xbox did so they could ruin them in price again. 

But Xbox didn't announce a price as far as I can tell, soooo....? 

Corona affects Ms too, and yet they released the specs first. Lol why is this such a big deal? I get it, Sony is the top dog. It’s ok they were undercut by 2 days. It’s not a big deal and in the grand scheme this means nothing 

Then why are you trying to make such a big deal out of it? My point was simply that this isn't Sony being reactionary - they always planned on releasing info around this time and the only reason Xbox got to it first was because Sony delayed. If anything, Microsoft was reacting to Sony's absence - if you wanna go that route of logic. Just saying, when you WANT to see something, it's not hard to twist the facts to suit your narrative. 

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