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victor83fernandes said:
trunkswd said:

Xbox is below 10k for all of Europe. That is reasonable for what we are seeing. Majority of those sales are in the UK, Germany and France. There are over 700 million people in Europe. 

The 1,000 sales are for more than just Japan. It includes Japan, all of Asia and the middle East. 

Exactly my point, there is no way the xbox sold 10 000 in Europe, I live here in the UK, no one at all is buying xbox, unless its replacement for broken ones, but even then. I am from Portugal, and back home xbox is next to non existent, 80% of gamers back there are on PC, 19% are on ps4/ps3 and switch, 1% are on xbox one, 360 and ps2

1000 consoles for Asia seems even more doubtful, there hasn't been any exclusive JRPGs on it, very high number for this time in the console generation.

Here in the UK I see some people with xbox, but whoever wanted already got one, I see no one buying new xbox at all. I only see xbox gamers looking for new controllers, I know a few people actually moving to PC and having a ps4 for the exclusives such as Spiderman, God of war, Last of us 2.

Also the switch selling less than ps4? No way, all I seem to see here is people looking to buy switches, everyone's gone crazy for it, I check the local classifieds every day and all I see is people asking for a switch, and none available second hand, so they just end buying new. When a switch comes to the second hand website, it disappears within minutes, its really very popular here in Europe. Also the switch seems like the only thing my 2 nephews talk about these days, so I believe it became popular back in Portugal too. I am positive they are selling more than ps4.

PS - This is my opinion, I think these xbox numbers are inflated, you do not have to agree, you have the right to your opinion too.

I just don't think Americans realize how unpopular the xbox is here in Europe. It actually got popular with the 360 due to easy piracy on it. But this generation people got uninterested really fast, the only game holding some interest on xbox here in Europe is Forza Horizon, that's the only xbox game that I ever hear xbox people talk about.

Anecdotal evidence generally isn't a good barometer of larger trends, especially when we're talking about sales across a continent of over 700 million people. The people you know or see are just a tiny fraction of the bigger picture, basically.

As a teenager I knew more people who owned an original Xbox than a PS2, yet the PS2 still sold like 6 times more.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.