TopCat8 said:
I just uploaded my fourth level, "Opposites Attacked". It is a tiny/huge level that I spent a lot of time on. The course ID is WJV-8JS-MKG

I would love to see this thread become more popular. I will continue to play SMM2 for a long time. It may take me a while to upload levels, though because I enjoy playing just as much as creating.

Working my way backwards in this thread and just played your course.  Nice job.  I finished it and might go back again later to whittle my time down since I see the World Record is significantly shorter than my finish time.

EDIT:  Played "1-2 Cave for the Brave" last night.  Liked it.  Astonished by the 15 second World Record on it.  I haven't found that shortcut yet!

TopCat8 said:

I just uploaded a third course. It's supposed to feel like an actual Mario level, and shouldn't be too challenging for this community.

"Cave for the Brave" TVR-S4T-QKG

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