S.Peelman said:
New one;

Hotel Mario

Short maze level. And yes, inspired by...

Whoa, I had thought that I had the only Hotel Mario course on SMM2, but apparently you beat me to it by a few months!  I'll have to check this out later today.  Here's my Hotel Mario inspired course:

Hotel Mario WoodDoor-Hysteria
Level Code: PP4-MDM-V8G
Description: Inspired by the infamous Mario licensed game on the failed Phillips CDi console, "Hotel Mario". This level is themed after the level, "Morton's WoodDoor-Hysteria Manor".

EDIT:  Just played your Hotel Mario course.  Very nicely done.  Mine is far more simplistic in comparison!  Ironically, I had originally planned to use the On/Off switches when I began crafting my stage, but I wasn't quite happy with how it was turning out.  So, I ditched the concept and when all in on just the aesthetic of the theme.  I figured this could be a bite-sized course, and then I could always craft a "deluxe" version later.

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