I had major problems with both games.
Skyward Sword had really bad motion control integration; ultimately, I think Nintendo forgot they were meant to be fun, not challenging.
Twilight Princess was simply boring and bland with annoying dungeons; it was always "find the key in this huge area" or "find the switch in this huge area" or "find the puzzle in this huge area"... The whole game felt like I was constantly searching through needles in various haystacks. Even getting into the dungeons had stuff like "Collect ALL 37 moon tears scattered across the map in order to enter the dungeon, which you have to do in order to continue your game."

Hmmm, after that reminder. Skyward Sword for me.

I loved the Wii, but it was part of that massive gap between N64 and Switch where I didn't like new games in the Zelda franchise.

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