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Why is "Yet to come" an option?
The best year so far is yet to come? That doesn't make sense. =)

Anyway, it's 2017. That's the year that Switch got two of the most powerful game releases in Nintendo history with Mario Kart 8 and Breath of the Wild. Yeah Mario Kart 8 came out on Wii U earlier, but that was more like a paid beta, the Switch release was the real deal.

And then there were games like Xenoblade chronicles 2, Odyssey, Stardew Valley, Golf Story, and more. 2019 was also a strong year, but most of the best games on Switch are still from its first year on the market, although that almost certainly changes by the end of 2020. It's not that 2018 and 2019 sucked, they were great, but 2017 was one of the best years of software releases for any video game console, ever. It might even be the best, only year 1 of the Wii really compares, maybe SNES's 1995 or PSX's 1998.

But anyway, Why do I say 2017 without a doubt? In 10 years I can see myself playing Switch games released in 2017. I can't say the same about 2018 or 2019 games.

Last edited by Jumpin - on 03 March 2020

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