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Radek said:
curl-6 said:

Before the shortages, the majority of Switch sales in Japan were the hybrid model despite it being more expensive, so clearly while some Japanese consumers will settle for a Lite if it's all they can get, they clearly prefer the base version. 

It's not like Japanese folks don't play at home at all, more that they don't have as much time to play only there, so the regular Switch allowing them to play both at home and on the go suits their lifestyle better. Ring Fit Adventure is also a big seller for the Switch there, and that's primarily a TV-mode game.

Low price seems very appealing to me, and I've heard many Japanese people don't have big TV's in their apartments.

I would rather buy cheap Lite than wait months for shipments of Switch Hybrid, but that's just me.

Well, I'm not Japanese myself, but Famitsu's numbers show that before the shortages, the base Switch consistently and considerably outsold the Lite in spite of its higher price tag, so clearly the Japanese do see some value in TV play.

Ring Fit Adventure has become quite successful in Japan, again up until the shortages, and that's a game you can't exactly play on the train to work.

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