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YaY, Parasite wound up being the surprise Best Picture winner! Well-deserved!

I am, however, disappointed that Little Women only won the Best Costume Design award while even the Joker movie walked away with two awards. Let me point something out here, people:

Average review scores on Rotten Tomatoes:

Little Women: 85.7%
Joker: 72.4%

Average review scores on Metacritic:

Little Women: 91%
Joker: 59%

Audience review scores:

Little Women

PostTrak: 5 stars
CinemaScore: A-
Rotten Tomatoes audience score: 92%


PostTrak: 4 stars
CinemaScore: B+
Rotten Tomatoes audience score: 88%

Matter-of-factly, Little Women similary out-scored most of the of other Oscar nominees similarly, including not only such movies as Joker and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but also the the likes of 1917, which was considered to be the frontrunner for Best Picture going into tonight (and which came away with wins in three categories). Yet only the "girly" award that's about outward appearance? *sighs* Just because a movie is directed by a woman and about the domestic lives of women rather than male violence doesn't mean it's therefore undeserving of any recognition, jeez.

What do you mean by "even Joker movie walked away with two awards" ? 

Joker was an amazing movie and it deserved the awards.

Was it, though? did it, though? I saw every one of the nine films leading up to the Awards Ceremony and joker was by far the least engaging of the films. Parasite, Marriage Story, Little Women, and 1917 were easily the best films going in, and Joker just sort of bored me. See, with Joker, if you knew a handful of things going into the movie, it was boring and predictable and bland. Even if you knew 100% of the plot of Marriage Story or Parasite going in, those films were still gripping, engaging films that grabbed you and held you for their duration. 

I don't dislike Superhero movies, I'm not a ponce (My top 10 movies of 2019 list is topped by Avengers Endgame and has I think two or three other superhero movies on the list as well), but Joker...didn't work for me. Yeah, Joaquin Phoenix's performance was outstanding, but nothing about the movie really stood out. 

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