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thismeintiel said:
starcraft said:

Yes and no. 

Being serious for a moment...

There's no doubt that RoS was a sub-par ending to the trilogy. But the first two films did very well and were very well received. There's always been a very vocal Star Wars minority that don't like anything post RotJ, they've just gotten easier to hear/harder to avoid with the rise of the internet and Youtube.

But Star Wars isn't just its movies. Disney has also had three very well received original TV shows (not including all the Lego spin offs), made the extremely popular decision to bring back Clone Wars, and is planning two further live action TV shows. Thats before we get in to their successful and well-written series of books etc.

Certainly I hope that after a couple of years off they deliver a more consistent experience with some mainline films, but generally speaking Disney has done a good job with Star Wars.

Had a good laugh @bolded.  If your film is so well received and performs the way you wanted it to, you don't retcon it in the very next film in a vain attempt to bring back those fans you lost.  Disney's actions and the performance of ROS, and SW merch in general, proves that it was no small minority, like many of you wish to believe it was.

Epic box office returns and great scores on all aggregators. But sure, you got me there buddy.

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