Radek said:

What do you mean by "even Joker movie walked away with two awards" ? 

Joker was an amazing movie and it deserved the awards.

It was a decent movie, IMO. It has an interesting and socially pertinent premise, but it's also a film riddled with cliched, one-dimensional characters (aside from our protagonist, that is) and I feel that as much lessens the weight of its message. It was a movie worth making and worth seeing, but it is not a masterpiece.

My essential complaint was that Little Women received so little recognition compared even to films that weren't as acclaimed. The Joker movie was the least critically successful movie among the nominees, and yet also the most prolific, with nominations in 11 categories: more than any other film. Surely a genuine masterpiece like Little Women should've gotten at least as much recognition! In my mind, there is simply no universe in which it's even remotely fair or objective for Little Women to be less recognized than the Joker movie as a work of art.

Still, I'm in agreement with the choice of Parasite for Best Picture and Best Direction.

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