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colafitte said:
Pinkie_pie said:

How would you know it was wrong? Nintendo announced over 48 million sold and 52.4 million shipped so thats most likely over 4 million on shelves 

I've been out the last few days without coming to VGC because of work and i'm seeing that Switch now has 19'3M sold to costumers according to VGC in 2019 instead of around 20'5M the last time i saw the numbers, and now i see you saying Nintendo itself said they sold "more than 48M" to consumers. It's that true? If true then, wow, i did not expected that number at all...

Yes nintendo announced over 48 million sold by 31st of December 2019. Vgchartz then adjusted down by 1.5 million. Vgchartz still has switch sold 48.8 million by end of December which is most unlikely