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Nu-13 said:
Dulfite said:

No. Think of what an extra $120 could do for adding to what the Switch brings internally. Plus newer tech now.

The dock and joycons do not cost anywhere near $120, or $100, or $80... And hardware revisions are not meant to provide more power. That's what new consoles are for.

Joy cons are $69.99 new and licensed

Docks are $70-80 new and licensed.

So more like $140-150 they could save not proving those parts and boost the power of the Switch 2. They could sell a $450 valued Switch 2 for $300 and make the same amount by not providing joycons and socks due to people already having them.

Oh and I don't want hardware revision. I'm talking about Switch 2. I don't believe in this silly Pro/New devices that Xbox with with the One X, or PlayStation did with the PS4 Pro, or Nintendo did with New 3ds. That's nonsense. Give me a new device, giant leap forward, every 6 years. You want to make a bottom of the barrel cheap one? Cool, but no pros!