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the-pi-guy said:
EricHiggin said:

It's also why I used a map with Switch on it. PS influence in Japan is stagnating at best, even though they still own the true home console market there and are keeping MS at bay. Nin owns the hybrid and handheld market everywhere, with room to grow, so they have no reason to budge due to lack of competition. PS has plenty of reason to push hard into America, which will help to keep their main competition at bay even more so, while expanding PS influence where they can.

They're just wondering why you shared a link unrelated to the map.

They pointed out the visually represented map and the maps within the link don't match. Which they don't. Both maps aren't covering the exact same thing, and the linked maps are out of date. The linked maps only cover PS and MS, and since the thread is about PS and why they are being lead by the American division, comparing PS to XB, who's home territory is America and is PS main competition, seemed to make the most sense based on my explanation.

Having the map with Switch was helpful in a few ways though as I've already mentioned, showing America is key when it comes to console sales. PS focusing on America to the point they are running the show from there, just makes sense based on their situation and the market, now and in the future.