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CrazyGamer2017 said:
Dulfite said:
I'm glad I don't live in a conjested area. That being said, the LORD can take me whenever HE wills to do so.

Sure cause some imaginary, invisible man in the sky as George Carlin would call it, has nothing better to do than pick humans off this insignificant planet lost in the periphery of an ordinary galaxy among trillions of other galaxies. Not only that but he/she/it picks some people and not others because ... ???

Anyway, this corona virus is disappointing and the media is blowing it totally out of proportion. There's been what? 80 casualties so far? Out of about 1.4 BILLION Chinese people. Literally anything else that one way or another could kill humans is more lethal than this puny virus. The common flu kills way more humans that this joke of a virus does.

For those wondering why I'm disappointed well it's because I wish to see mankind come to an end and when I hear about a new virus like this one in the news my hopes go up, especially because of the way the media blows it all out of proportion. So yeah I can only end up disappointed.

CANDY kills more than this virus if you take into account everybody choking on candy in the world.

Man, you must be a big hit at parties