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Shadow1980 said:
zorg1000 said:

Proof that ROS should have released a week earlier

Having a little fun at my expense, are we? Could you maybe, y'know, not grossly mischaracterize my argument? I know certain people here that are still holding grudges over TLJ can't be convinced that they're ever in error, but I thought you could. I gave you plenty of examples of data backing up my argument. I even offered to show my work, an offer you ignored. Unlike some people, I am willing to back up my claims with real evidence instead of expecting others to take me solely on my word and/or resorting to unfounded conjecture, bad-faith misrepresentations of the data, and just plain made-up bullshit.

Would it be safe to say that you've already made up your mind, and that I'd be wasting my time trying to show you any data that supports my argument? If not, then please, show some genuine willingness to look at the data. I'll even put it all together for you to save you the trouble. But if you don't really care to hear anything I have to say, and all you care to do is just insult me because you've dismissed my argument out of hand and think it's only worth poking fun at, let me know. I have other things to attend to and spending several hours collecting data and creating and formatting charts for this discussion would be a serious detour.

Can't comment on the user in question, but there are definitely plenty of people like this on VGC, nevermind the wider internet.

Its essentially anything (they perceive is bad) is because 'zomg stoopid Disney marysue SJW wankers' and anything (they're forced to acknowledge as) good is just a hangover from the awesomeness of the pre-Disney days. Generally, these people are not actually fans of Star Wars, but are pushing an agenda entirely separate to this great, but entirely fictional franchise.

Deep breath, move on, talk to people who are reasonable instead.

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