JRPGfan said:
curl-6 said:

The word corona predates the beer.

Hahahaha I hadnt even thought of that.

Tbh its not a rather good beer though, like 19 out of 20 random German beers, would probably beat it in taste & price.
Whats even more amasing is that germans have strick rules about what is and isnt beer, so their not allowed to "cheat" by subtitueing things, or enhnace things via usage of chemmical means. Its just pure beer. 

Its like when you buy something and it tastes abit like Vanilla, and then you find out, its some exract from the glands near a beavers ass.
Euuuuewwwwwww.... I rather they use the "real" thing.

Unless it's Kölsch, the only piss that's legally allowed to call itself beer. Can't even get drunk on that stuff!

Also, German breweries do cheat. The Reinheitsgebot for instance says Gerste (barley), not Malz (malt). But using the raw fruit is disallowed in German breweries these days. Also, they add zinc, since the yeast needs it badly, but not by adding a zinc salt, like the rest of the world does. Instead, they add it to the water supply or as water softener. They add milk acid bacteria as acidifier, which is much worse than what the rest of world does by adding a bit of some weak acid like phosphoric acid (

Believe me, that Brauer in my username is not there by accident...

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