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 And I guess Shadow1980 did not know about these "basic facts about the box office" back on Dec 21st when he made this prediction:

"If I had to give a worst-case-to-best-case range for TROS, I would put it at $600-700M. That's less than my initial projections as I expected both a larger weekend and a ROTJ/ROTS-level second-to-third film increase. Still, that would be more than enough to put it in the Top 8 films of the decade domestically, and easily the #2 film of 2019. Globally, if its overseas gross can at least equal its domestic gross, then we're looking at $1.2-1.4B, though if it's 45% domestic/55% overseas like TFA and TLJ then the worldwide gross could go as high as $1.3-1.55B."

So I'm going to assume that he just learned about these "basic facts about the box office" yesterday.