Radek said:
Alistair said:

Yes. Same as PS4 pro. The Switch was based on the 2014 Samsung Note 4's CPU, so actually it will have been 6 years since those ARM A57 cores released. nVidia also didn't purpose build the Tegra X1 for the Switch, it was a reject chip because 16nm was delayed. Switch the Arm A57 to Arm A76, and double the GPU cores while updating to Pascal or Turing cores.

We are talking about Switch 2 here, not Switch Pro... look at the thread title...

It is 3 years later just like Sony felt the need to release another console, same for Nintendo. It is the same thing. The point of calling it PS4 Pro or Xbox One X is that games were back and forward compatible. Do the same thing with the Switch 2, it doesn't matter what you call it. I like Super Switch myself.

The Xbox One X is 4x faster than the original Xbox One, it's not called the Xbox Pro either.