Radek said:
Alistair said:

There's no point in waiting. 7nm tech and nVidia's new design are launching this year. We can double the PS4's CPU and equal the GPU, that sound great for $350.

What? You want Nintendo to launch next gen console after barely 3 years?

Yes. Same as PS4 pro. The Switch was based on the 2014 Samsung Note 4's CPU, so actually it will have been 6 years since those ARM A57 cores released. nVidia also didn't purpose build the Tegra X1 for the Switch, it was a reject chip because 16nm was delayed. Change the Arm A57 to Arm A76, and double the GPU cores while updating to Pascal or Turing cores. It won't even cost any extra money. It will be the same as any $300 Chinese phone in 2020. That's not a lot to ask.