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Barkley said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

Had to look up who that was, but then I found out he's from Yokai Watch, and despite being a staple of Nintendo this decade they don't have a representative in the game yet, so I think you might be well onto something here...

IDK, Yokai Watch was big a few years ago but it's fallen hard. I wouldn't expect to see it pop up in smash, I don't think it's a game series many people actually care about, it was more of a fad.

Japanese Sales (Combined Versions):

Yokai Watch 1 = 1.3m
Yokai Watch 2 = 5.8m
Yokai Watch 3 = 2.25m
Yokai Watch 4  = 0.29m

The series started, peaked and died with the 3DS.

Yeah, it would have made more sense if it came out on Smash Wii U/3DS. Still, with 4++ being on the Switch, I'd say it has a chance to be in one of the fighter packs.