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Barkley said:

It's a game with a number of flaws and problems that show Nintendo's inexperience with creating this massive open-world type of game.

Combat is unrewarding and resulted in me eventually just running past all the random encounters, the vast majority of side quests are uninspired and bland. The world lacks variety and is copy and pasted (Every stable is the same) shrines used to pad out the game. Lack of abilities mean puzzle solving is limited, you basically just get out your magnet and look for something that glows. The map could also see improvement, making it more apparent where you've actually explored.

BOTW is saved by it's polish and soul. I didn't get caught up in any hype so it didn't have anything to live up to for me. It was an 8/10 game for me.

The sequel will eclipse BOTW in every aspect, except sales unfortunately.

every aspect except cultural impact, innovation, inspiration, originality, and the other more significant things.

Mechanical and graphical improvement are a given, since that's what generally happens with newer games. But in the end, those aren't as important as the revolutionary status of the original, and the sequel is still going to largely imitate.

So don't be surprised if the original enjoys greater critical and commercial success.

Last edited by Jumpin - on 08 January 2020

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