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I don't often get hyped up for a game, with a new Zelda game that is trying something new I wanted to give it a fair chance. I got it day 1 with the Switch and I thought it was a good game, if I was forced to give it rating I'd say 7/10. As time passed (about 105 hours) I lost interest and never finished the game so maybe it's more a 5/10 for me now, though I did do all 4 of the temples so I could probably go back and tackle Ganon's castle. I doubt I'll buy the sequel on day 1 (I don't know anything about it so far, so there's still a chance), I think I'll wait a long time and pick it up cheap.

Even though this has been a bit disappointing for me, compared to plenty of the other Zelda games, I won't say they've ruined the franchise or that I'll never buy another Zelda game again. I'm pretty sure they'll continue to release Zelda games that I'll enjoy.

Last edited by Landale_Star - on 08 January 2020