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h2ohno said:
From all the reports there were no reshoots and it's the exact same movie Boone shot back in 2017. They never got the cast back together for the reshoots before the Disney sale and apparently Kevin Feige and Disney liked the film as it was.

Agree that this is a better trailer though. For one thing it actually has the characters speaking, if only a little. And I geeked out so hard at those final shots of Magik.

Kevin Feige isn't likely to care whether or not this movie is any good. If it turns out to be well received upon release, he can do something with it going forward, and take credit. If not, he can wash his hands of the last remnants of Fox's work on the Xmen without anybody pulling some #ReleaseTheSnyderCut crap or whatnot, where people insist there was something worthwhile to be seen if the studio behind it would just let them see it.