Shadow1980 said:
It's almost like the market is cyclical or something...

Back around 2011-2012, there was some hand-wringing over declining game sales, with some even predicting doom and gloom for the console market. But that decline was because we were at the end of last generation. In 2012, the Wii's sales had collapsed entirely, the 360 and PS3 were finally past their peak, and the handheld market was way down from its late 00s heights, with the 3DS and Vita not making up for declining DS & PSP sales. But then the PS4 and XBO were released, and the home console market rebounded, and the market was back on the upswing. But now we're at the end of the current generation. The PS4 and XBO are on the way out, with sales in decline. The 3DS is nearing death's door and hasn't had a hit game since 2017. Only the Switch, which is still young but quickly approaching middle age, is up from 2018, and it hasn't been enough to offset losses from other platforms.

Sums it up nicely. Thank you.