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derpysquirtle64 said:
- Fix marketing, it's awful right now, even though there are some improvements in terms of messaging and creating cool stuff like gamepass, the shows like Inside Xbox actually do more harm than promotion IMO. Anyone who would watch this, would probably turn off from Xbox brand even more.
- Fix international appeal. They barely even try outside of US and Western Europe. Basically no presence of Xbox brand at all. No ads, no promotions, even no official Xbox local branches in some countries. And to make it even worse, in some cases (like Russia for example), it even got even worse this year when they closed the local MS Store and the ability to buy subscriptions directly. It all looks like they abandoned the market completely to Sony and Nintendo. And that's after Phil Spencer's words about trying to reach 2b gamers.
- Have a Series X price on part with PS5 at least. Better to be cheaper, but it is probably not happeniing especially if they have more powerful console. With the current positions on the market, Xbox can't be more expensive than Playstation even if it provides a better product.

I dont really agree with the marketing problem, but big marketing will come for the console launch. I dont really watch Inside Xbox but I feel its good. If people werent watching Inside Xbox they would stop doing it.

I actually feel Xbox games on PC is a great idea for international sales. A vast majority of consoles sales is in the western markets, Japan is the only exception. MS is not going to fight for the Japanese market either, Nintendo is stealing it from Sony as well.

I dont know how consoles do in Russia but I am guessing not great. If a MS store there closed its probably because poor sales. MS might have more success there with PC software sales.

When Phil said he was interested in other markets, well I am not sure what that means. Its more like west is the focus but you hope for the best in other markets. Sony for example doesent really care about Japan, they dont make games for Japan, they just hope 3rd parties help them thrive in Japan. Sony's primary focus is making games the west wants.

Therefore I would suggest MS keep raising the bar in software quality, continue putting games on PC and hope for the best in international markets. I think of it this way, any software sales MS gets on Xbox or PC goes in the same pot. So increased revenue from increased software sales means they can spend more on games. A game like Sea of Thieves may have have been saved by PC success.

Series X doesen't need to be priced at par with PS5 if MS undercuts them with Lockhart, ideally $100 less. But I agree only having a more expensive Xbox next gen would be bad.

If the rumors are accurate and PS5 is only 9TF. Then a 4TF Lockhart would be fine for playing the same games at a lower res. In theory Sony would be giving MS an edge if this happens, but vice versa if we just have a Series X at a higher price.

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