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think-man said:
Mr Puggsly said:

I read a lot of nonsense in this thread... now I will give mine.

I think MS should keep doing what its doing. Make an effort to increase the quality of their big IPs which is happening. Gears 5 showed that, Halo Infinite is looking great, Forza is highly praised and successful, but I am still waiting for Fable.

Make more big budget story driven adventure games given those are quite popular. Seems they have the talent to do that.

I would like to see a low end and high end console for the 9th gen. It would help their userbase if they can get the cheapest hardware on the market. Not win the gen, just help boost sales.

While some keep arguing Xbox needs actual exclusives, not shared with PC. I think thats neglecting many gamers only use PC or console. Therefore software revenue goes down by ignoring PC. Some games seem to thrive more on PC like Sea of Thieves and naturally AoE. The shared audience of PC and Xbox consoles is more revenue without directly supporting competing hardware. They can also take more risks if they can rely on PC revenue which is happening and why some IPs are returning.

Gamepass is fantastic, I imagine it has also increased engagment of 1st party games significantly.

I feel MS is making good and obvious decisions. I think many on this forum actually want less competition but I assure you Playstation wouldnt be as good without Xbox. That goes both ways.

For me the sole reason I haven't bought a X1 is the lack of exclusives. I just see no reason in owning one if the titles can be played elsewhere. The 360 lured me in with it's exclusives, and though it wasn't my main console, it had enough exclusive content for me to justify a purchase. Obviously if the nextbox follows the same route as the X1 i'll skip it again. Same goes for Sony aswell, If they start putting everything on PC then I'll just switch to PC and probably end up pirating 80% of the titles and buying the few I liked. I don't see any point in consoles without exclusive incentives when the games can be played on superior hardware personally. 

I think you're the type of person MS is not concerned about.

Supporting PC gives them as access to a significantly larger userbase than consoles have alone. And again, there is many users around the world who only use console or PC. Software revenue can go up significantly even if it may sacrifice some console sales.

However, there isn't concrete evidence that supporting PC has a significant impact on console sales. Look at the most active games on Xbox given MS actually shares that information, virtually all of the content on that list is content shared by PC and Xbox. Why are people playing those same games on Xbox when they can get a better experience on PC? Maybe because a vast majority of console gamers aren't interested in buying a gaming PC. Nor can you buy a PC that plays high end games as well as a console for the same price (sometimes $150-200).

You said you rather play Xbox games on a PC, which is fine. As long as you're playing their games somewhere MS has suggested they're happy. But if you're gonna just pirate everything, you just don't matter. We're seeing MS games succeeding on PC with no real evidence of hurting Xbox. It may just be the opposite, Xbox and PC sales combined is increasing their software revenue.

What hurt Xbox the most this gen was poor decisions made at launch. Price was too high due to Kinect, some of their exclusive software wasn't ambitious or notable enough and frankly they should have had more studios years ago. Sharing games with PC is talked about a lot but not nearly as significant as other factors I mentioned. The proof of that is best selling console games are multiplat, PC included.

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