Well turns out I had plenty of free time. Fortunately with that free time I could finally play some video games and watch anime. Life is temporarily good eh.

Haganai (2 seasons 24 epiosdes): Season one was very intriguing, but then it turned into your average slice of life anime. Not that I have a problem with that, but I was hoping for something a bit more. Season one also had the random nudity, which was awkward at times and good at other times. The humor was certainly very good. Season two had the abrupt change of no nudity for some very odd reason, so much so that I thought I was watching the censored version. I can understand having no nudity, but to change it after the first season was gratuitous is an odd decision to say the least. Despite all that, season 2 was much better. The final episodes were intense and I enjoyed that the MC isn't just an idiot, but a pretender. Unlike most harem animes that try to make it work, this one was a lot more realistic and I thought that was awesome, especially the final. I skipped OP and ED.

Levius: This show is steampunk to the core, and I think that is cool. I kind of like the background of the war and politics. The whole show though is based on metal boxing, which basically means it is a sports show. While I am not too interested in shows based on fighting in a ring, some of the characters in the show were quite likeable. What I really didn't like is just how annoying the concept of undefeated is. When someone is already undefeated it is hard to hype up the next opponent, sure he might face another undefeated person, but that would certainly be rare if you have a long career. There are some examples of a boxer being undefeated like Mayweather, but before his pro career he was indeed beaten by many people. On top of that this show used another undefeated female character as a simple stepping stone in the MC's rise to the top. At least the OP and ED were decent.

Lost Song: I really liked the twist that this show pulled about halfway through. I also enjoyed the animation very much with the cool moon/ planets / stars orbiting the World.

Tangent about Astronomy: Astronomy is always something that will fill me with a sense of wonder and although a planet that close would not be possible to sustain life I appreciate the art put into it. One thing I often google is "Jupiter as seen from Io" or any other Jovian moon and some of those fake pictures really excite me. And the truth is that it would look insane. The moon from Earth takes up .5 degrees, while Jupiter from Io would be 18 degrees, in other words Jupiter would appear to be 36 times as big as the moon appears to us. Now I don't know about you but I have taken a few looks at the moon and spotted a few details, so Jupiter would be quite monstrous and dare I say it; fear inducing. The same is true but to a lesser degree for every single one of Jupiter's moons, so if life is possible on Europa, then that would be an interesting sky to look at.

Now back to the show, the good old knights and magic is back but now magic is simply a song from special mages. The plot was quite predictable until the good ole twist. The characters were poorly developed, but the plot moved smoothly. I did enjoy some back story for some of the older characters as well as the origin, but the characters themselves weren't very interesting. The songs were nice, but not my style. OP and ED were good for the 1 or 2 episodes, then it didn't really feel like it fit for me.