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Shadow1980 said:
thismeintiel said:

Doesn't change the fact that you were misrepresenting what people were saying just for the sake of furthering your own narrative, aka fake news.

Avoiding spoilers may be applied to other films, but Endgame actually has the numbers to prove it.  I find it hypocritical that those who wanted to give TLJ every excuse in the book to defend its underperformance, won't even make this logical conclusion for Endgame, when the numbers actually prove it, just because it hurts their narrative.  It didn't open to 1.22B, only 8.3% below TLJ's entire run, then gross another $1.58B, 18.8% more than TLJ's entire run, because people hated it.

More importantly, did Marvel rush out to make another Avengers that completely retconned Endgame, even make fun of it, because it underperformed by $500M and saw their merch sales plummet?  Did the next Marvel film completely flop?  Nope.  This happened to TLJ, though.  So, you can make up any excuse in your head, but in the real world Disney was not happy with how the film performed and how it hurt the franchise.  I know that destroys the TLJ fans' theories about the haters being a small minority of basement dwelling women-hating alt-righters, but I guess it's time for you guys to wake up and smell the coffee.  We are not a minuscule minority.  And we exist all throughout the political spectrum.

I see lots of conjecture and theorizing, but no solid data (you never even bother to cite your sources when asked). You can read whatever you want into the numbers. It's not like I can stop you. But the only ones with an agenda are people like you. You hate TLJ, so you need to do whatever you can to downplay its box office figures. It's just constant special pleading with you. If this was any other movie, nobody would say a goddamn thing about the overall shape of its box office curve, because nobody would have placed any unique or excessive expectations upon it. But, well, it was a Star Wars film, and some people take their dislike of anything that doesn't do Star Wars they way they like it way too seriously.

Since this is obviously going to turn into a rehash of "debates" past, I'm done here. Any future contributions I have to this thread won't involve replying to you. Just charts, data, and actual serious analysis.

Lol, what more solid data do you need than the film's performance (more like underperformance) and, most importantly, Disney's reaction to it?  You love the TLJ, so you will try to spin everything as a good for it, as well as come up with any excuse to give in its favor. 

You are welcome to post whatever you wish in here, but please don't come at this with the false promise of giving serious analysis.  When it comes to SW, or maybe it is just the TLJ, what you are giving is far from that.

Last edited by thismeintiel - on 28 December 2019