Signalstar said:
No matter what happens TLJ haters will claim victory.

ROS does worse than TLJ at the box office: See we told you TLJ killed the franchise by sucking so much.

ROS does better than TLJ at the box office: See, it did better because it fixed the mistakes of TLJ.

We don't have to wait to see how it performs to claim victory. The very fact that Disney felt the need to retcon, and even throw a few jabs at, TLJ tells us all we need to know. They saw TLJ greatly underperform and the merch sales plummet, and know they screwed up.

In the end, I see this performing close to TLJ. Maybe above it at the DBO, but below at the FBO. Considering that TLJ already underperformed and the budget for ROS is even higher than that film, it's not a good result.