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d21lewis said:

Here's the quote I was looking for:

"Atom Tickets went so far as to state Rise of Skywalker ticket sales is outselling Avengers: Endgame, with Endgame currently being the number one movie at the box office of all time. Atom further says Rise Of Skywalker tickets sales is their best selling movie in 24 hours ever."

They really need to stop trying to manufacture hype with garbage like that.  And Atom tickets is partially owned by Disney, so not really an impartial source.  No theater around me even accepts them.

adidas198 said:

Didn't you anti-SJWs look at Rottentomatoes as a victory of "the people" on how SJW stuff doesn't sell? But now that the critic/audience score is reversed compared to the last movie you don't even acknowledge it?