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Shadow1980 said:
d21lewis said:
Disney already said this film was on track to being one of, if not THE most successful films of all time. I don't know why this thread even exists.

If you've been in Star Wars threads here before, you ought to know why. There are certain people that, if it doesn't meet expectations, want to point at it and laugh. Just like how two years ago there was a thread (which was still being posted in seven months after it started and accumulated 1390 replies) about TLJ's second weekend, with people jeering over the relatively large drop (which was a result of Christmas Eve falling on a Sunday). There wasn't a similar thread about Avengers: Endgame having a far larger second-weekend drop, because ragging on the MCU isn't an internet pastime like ragging on Star Wars has become.

Don't spout fake news in here. Especially when the numbers are easily accessible to everyone.

TLJ 2nd weekend drop: 67%

A:E 2nd weekend drop: 59%

And the thread continued on for so long because, like this one, it tracked the whole performance of the film. Besides, the movie continued to perform poorly. Its legs were worse than Rogue One. Not just percentage-wise, but in terms of revenue, as well.