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The_Liquid_Laser said:
curl-6 said:

I dunno, that would require third parties to pull their heads out of their collective rectums and invest in the platform, something I just can't see happening, with Switch nearing its third birthday and the likes of Activision and Capcom still treating it like it's the Wii U.

I am not talking about AAA games.  I am talking about 3DS sequels and the like.  Like I said, Bravely Default 2.  There are a whole lot of development teams that made exclusive games for 3DS, but we haven't seen similar original games for Switch yet.  I believe the lastest "Layton" game is actually a 3DS port, for example.  Where is the brand new Layton game?  It's still in development.

We just now got an announcement for Bravely Default 2.  This is the first taste of the games I am talking about.  They have been in development for a while now, and we'll probably start getting games like this in 2020.  I suspect these games take a long time to develop now, because it is a huge leap in technology to go from the 3DS to the Switch.  

Right now Switch is selling well based purely on 1) Nintendo IP, 2) third party ports and 3) indie games.  We are about to get a fourth leg of games to the Switch 4) third party exclusives.  These will mostly be from handheld developers, but it will be original content!  These new third party games mean that 2019 will not be Switch's peak year.  Switch will continue to get content from it's first 3 legs, while getting new content from the fourth leg as well.

I wasn't necessarily thinking of AAA games either, I'm just not seeing enough evidence of this supposed oncoming wave of third party exclusives to have confidence in its existence. I don't think third parties have the guts to make that kind of investment in the Switch. They're still burying their heads in the sand and ignoring its success for the most part.

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