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oh man. That's tough. One of the best nintendo console libraries. i don't know about "best" but here are my "favorites" in no particular order; 1. metroid prime, 2. metroid prime 2, 3. zelda:windwaker, 4. zelda twilight princess, 5. eternal darkness, 6. x2: wolverines revenge, 7. smash melee, 8. prince of persia 1, 9. prince of persia 2, 10. prince of persia 3, 11. pikmin, 12. tales of symphonia. That was hard. didn't even get to star fox adventure, ikaruga, viewtiful joe, or the mortal kombats. What a great game library! Everytime i talk about the gamecube library i always get a little sad that star craft ghost never came out. That game cancellation was the number 1 gaming industry disappointment for me :(