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Blood_Tears said:
Yes you can't have a Persona thread with out some Switch input. It wouldn't sell all that great on Switch anyways. It's been 2 years since launch already. DQ11 was the same way. Sold okay in Japan but still poor compared to other mainline titles and bombed in the West. If that couldn't sell well then I would hardly think P5 would sell that well on Switch. Only to a few people on the forums.

You don't even know how DQ XI sales stands in the West and even less digital sales numbers in every region. Square enix could right now bring update and tell that the switch version reached almost 1 million in sales WW and that is not even highly extrapolating to trying to make a point.

Plus if SE didn't took so long to board on Switch with DQXI it could be way beyond than that. The same can be said for Atlus. Everybody could right now be celebrating a 5M instead of 3M.

Oh well... Atlus at least realised all that switch potential by making Persona 5 scramble multiplat

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