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Twilight Princess is my favourite, so had to vote 'other'. A note on some big omissions: I never got into the Metroid Prime trilogy much - I'm sure I'll get round to properly immersing myself in them at some point. Mario Kart DD is one of the few titles in that series I've never played. Smash Bros, I played a fair bit of multiplayer, but I've never really warmed to the series like a lot of people have. My full list of 12.

Twilight Princess
Wind Waker
Super Mario Sunshine
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil Remake
Eternal Darkness
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
F Zero GX
Tomb Raider Legend
Star Fox Adventures
Sonic Adventure 2
Turok Evolution (I have a lot of love for this one)

Shout out to Geist, XII, Sphinx and some others I probably forgot.