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Jranation said:
colafitte said:
How much must a game like Persona 5 have costed Atlus to make, disribute and market?? 10M $, 15M $ tops???.

This game has been super succesful financially and with P5 Royal (which is basically 90% of the same game at full price again) they're going to add another million, at least to that sum.

The game did not meet my expectations after Persona 4 Golden is one of my favorite games ever (is still a very good 8/10 game though), but i'm still happy about this news.

Persona franchise is basically and officially now the 3rd biggest JRPG franchise in the world after Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, not bad. Persona 6 needs to happen and take the next step in the franchise like P3 did back in the day.

Isn't Pokemon a JRPG? How about Fire Emblem?

Lol Pokemon...that's true. Pokemon is so far ahead that sometimes i forget that is technically a JRPG too, maybe not much in the very conventional term of what a JRPG means but it is one nonetheless.

As for Fire it a JRPG though???. Is not more close to another genre like strategy with bits of an RPG here and there?, like Valkyria Chronicles for example. If we consider Fire Emblem a JRPG..., well i think both FE and Persona are about neck and neck then, but i would not consider FE a JRPG if you asked me.