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Back into the swing of things after watching Live and Let Die last night. Last weekend felt empty after seven weeks of Bond beforehand.

I think this is the first Bond film I ever saw (either that or Licence to Kill. I liked it back then and I like it now. I'm going to give it an 8.

Moore settles into the role really well. He's not as physically imposing as his predecessors, but at this point I think he's still able to look the part in fight scenes. The humour is delivered naturally and never sounds out of place - this is where Moore really excels as Bond. I always enjoy his line when he first meets Solitaire and he reveals the lovers card - "now promise you'll stay right there... I shan't be long" - as he's getting hauled out by Mr Big's henchmen. Solitaire is one of my favourite Bond girls - I think the tarot reading is an interesting aspect of her character. Yaphet Kotto does a fine job as Kananga too.

George Martin's music is top notch, as is Paul McCartney's theme song (though I do prefer the Guns n' Roses cover). The scene on the crocodile farm is a highlight. The boat chase is also good, although it goes on too long and features the annoying Sheriff Pepper. The blaxploitation thing is unfortunate, but I do like how grounded the plot is for a Bond film, as well as the voodoo / occult elements.