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pokoko said:
Even has cakes set out. Heh.

I try to cover at least some anime destinations on my travels to Japan. Last year I went to Itou, which is one of the places where Amanchu takes place.

This year I specifically went out of my way to get to Toyosato (K-On School) and Shirakawa-Go (Higurashi village), which are far off the beaten path. Technically I also went to Nagoya, which would cover Denpa Onna and Yatogame Chan.

I'm very much looking forward to next year, where I'll go to Kyushu, which means I get to see Saga! Gonna try to prepare a bit better next time, so I'm looking for anime destinations in Shikoku, Hiroshima and Kyushu.

I'm still gonna be in Tokyo for the next 2 days. Mostly checking out Yokohama and some Akiba shopping.

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