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Next 3 anime watched :).

Attack on Titan Season 3 part 2- Amazing as usual. A satisfying conclusion to the arc, and a setup for a new arc where the survivors will continue to despair. Although the new arc was not what I hoped it would be, I am interested on where things will go. I really enjoyed the humans vs Titans part, but I suppose the MCs became too OP. Speaking of OP the song was too similar to the first season. I forget the ED too.

Hero Mask Season 2- As the end of the final episode drew near, I thought to myself "omfg, I hope there isn't another season of this", luckily the pacing was just that bad in the final episode that it did somehow end. The story aside from the final episode overall was very average, but some things were unfortunate. The sounds and animation were pretty good, but that didn't make the anime good. I look upon Ingress more fondly than this show. I skip both OP and ED.

Hellsing Ultimate OVA- With a runtime of 484 minutes, this could have been 2 seasons worth of regular anime. I originally had seen Hellsing the tv anime, and it was good enough to satisfy me, but people kept insisting that Ultimate was much better and that I should watch it. So finally I do, and it was worth it. The animation is top notch, and although I tend to dislike bloody anime, this show needed it with how over the top the gore is. I will say that it is quite interesting that the creators decided that Alucard would miss out for like 3 episodes straight. You know how long it took them to create 4 episodes? 3 freaking years. I can't imagine waiting that long to see a BA fight with the main character of a BA anime, heck I already refuse to watch anime weekly due to my hatred of cliffhangers. I am glad that I could watch it all in one weekend. Still everything was awesome, although repetitive. The Soundtrack was god tier, with a few of my favorite mid fight music and EDs added to the playlist.