John2290 said:
I'll just wait til part 3 is out. Tbh, the whole part thing is foolishness and with the amount of money FF14 makes SE they should be able to tie this all up in a bow in one huge game but the stingy fools keep fucling up somehow, perhaps they throw to much money at things and end up with a star citizen situation but you think they'd have learned by now, ffs.

Its more than just money. It would also mean waiting until like 2023 for a 120hr game. I'm sure there are plenty of people like me who are super comfortable with the game being broken up into 40hr parts parts knowing that the scope really dwarfs a lot of modern games. Dare I say I don't actually want to play a 120hr game unless its an open world western RPG like skyrim where I'm crafting my own character etc

If it means each location, character and story arc is fleshed out like never before as opposed to a ton of content being cut or glassed over, I'm ok with splitting it into parts. Would also have been cool with a more condensed tight execution of the original story which cuts all fat, but this way I get more as a gamer. All the meanwhile we get to play signifcant parts of the story before the 8 year dev cycle is wrapped up. I'm keen on each experience feeling rewarding and whole and having played the original game there are so many bullet points at which the original title could have been split into sequels and such, so I find weird this is even a thing for people familiar with the story. Its like people have never heard of a cliff hanger before. Time will tell how well its executed but there are really no modern AAA games which fit the scope and diversity of a classic FF. The closet example is Witcher 3 but the cinematics and tailored details of the world aren't really comparable. 

And as you said, theres a super easy solution for those who want to play it in one go... waiting til they're all out. 

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