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John2290 said:

I was way off with the structures and their time before wasting away, they have about a 50 ish hour timer and the first bridge I placed n the game is now a rusted a mess, it's really unsettling to see for some reason and my zipline networks are on borrowed time which leaves me feeling really weary. I doubt I'll be able to platinum if I keep at this pace cause there is no way I'm setting them up again. 

You just need to repair them. Grab some Materials and get to zipping.I jumped back to East Coast and Repaired/Upgraded my Structures there at one point. It is very easy to do later in the game, as materials are a lot more plentiful.

The only thing that is stopping me from feeeling great about getting a Platinum is the Legend of Legends Delivery Trophies. I just did performed 20 deliveries with a score of LOL, and I have not recieved either of the trophies. I will have to do a deeper dive tomorrow. Out of time for tonight.

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