SecondWar said:
Jpcc86 said:
To be fair 35 of those are probably all the Z-moves they introduced last gen and since its a feature they are removing altogether then it makes sense they get cut.
Still a couple of moves on that list are classic moves that have been around since Gen1. Not particularly strong or unbalancing ones, so its a bit weird they removed them.

A few of the others are the special Pikachi/Eevee moves froms Lets Go, so those are hardly surprising.

The thing I'm finding a bit surreal is that for the last few generations more people had been saying that the number of Pkemon was getting too big. Then they actually cut some temporarily and everyone goes mental.

Why? Pokemon's fanbase is huge, and like this event has demostrated, everyone has different opinions about what the series should and shouldn't do.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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