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Jpcc86 said:
Jumpin said:

You thought Quest 64 was better than Ogre Battle?

My guess is most people didnt play OB64. Quest completely slips my mind when thinking of n64 games, but OB64 is  probably one of my most replayed games ever. 

I'd say Ogre Battle was a more well-known game than Quest 64, though.

But since I like to rant, I'll explain my reasoning: both came out about the same time, both had similar sales (despite OB64 perhaps being the most expensive N64 game of all time), Ogre Battle was universally acclaimed while Quest 64 was panned (91% vs 54% on Gamespot, 88% vs 59% on IGN, 90% vs 20% on RPGamer, 99% vs 50% on RPGFan), Ogre Battle had a re-release on Wii, and it was part of the acclaimed Ogre Battle Franchise which has Final Fantasy Tactics as a spiritual successor.

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